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About us: Sponsoring an Olive Tree

About us our dogs are mountain Pyrenees

My name is  Javier Navas Guerrero. I am Agro - Computer, olive care of my family's third generation. Although I am especially passionate about Olive Oil Culture.

Who was going to tell me, in the nineties, when I spent part of my university education to "format" to my knowledge in computer science at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, and subsequent business development, so that at the end of 2012, I was to apply my charity project Sponsor a Olivo.

Olivo: Internet, cloud, social networking, blog ... !!! fear would give my grandfather !!!, but whenever I feel this feeling I say:

"It always seems impossible ... until it is done."

Nelson Mandela

So, here I am, trying to address this new project forward.

I would like to tell you how my wanderings began in "the World of Olive Oil" that you entandáis my passion for them. My maternal grandfather and my father have been workers. The theme Oil lived since childhood in the day, and luckily we have always eaten our oil mill in the Subbética Cordobesa.

My great fortune was that I ran out the "construction boom", seen from afar, so many nights stolen me. That was 35 years, taking care of the olive grove and optimizing resources, and with a little experience in oil and many, many, desire to eat the world.

He came to me this article Jesus A. Marble, offers a series of recommendations to prevent labor catastrophe: "Do not look for work, creates."

And I began to observe "needs" for the sustainability of this sector, if I could cover some and found. Create a direct channel between us producers and end customers, without intermediaries, defending the quality of extra virgin participating crop, and reporting on a daily basis to achieve production for the olive tree, which offer to sponsor in exchange for liters of oil to generate.


Live the experience
extra virgin olive oil
consumer - farmer


Sustainable Agriculture Olivar

It is necessary to create a synergy: consumer and we farmers, eliminating the intermediate chains that make lower price per liter of oil, towards the benefit and at the expense of the substantial decline in quality.

Thus, as producers have secured the sale of the annual harvest, our livelihood and that of many families depends on the traditional olive grove, giving the consumer at home an oil of extra virgin quality, 100% guaranteed participation in all the process.

REASONS TO PROVE our olive oil LivesOlives

Work on enhancing Olivar

You contribute with this small participation to sustainable development and conservation of our rural areas and of all trades who live "from and to" obtain the best olive juice with all its organoleptic and as healthy for their health qualities and that of his family .Potenciando work in the Olivar.

Working with Environment

you help us ensure the continuity of this variety of olive Hojiblanca, essential to the natural landscape and environment for the important role they play, when producing oxygen and moderate soil temperatures, in an increasingly polluted environment and hostile..

Or just with "the perfect gift".

Imagine the look of surprise that would put any in your family, partner or friend if you give up a Subbética Cordobesa Olivo, recently recognized internationally as one of the best qualities of oil.

Incredible true! So an olive tree becomes the ideal place for a birthday, anniversary or any event gift. This includes any other quality, health benefits and collaboration with the environment. Olivo is a symbol of peace, life and of course, in these times of Labor.

You can request that submissions are made to the same or different, if you want to surprise someone special. And if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


For LivesOlives, only we use olives Hojiblanca, early harvest and from olives collected by vareo in flight times with milder temperatures of the day.

Early this oil comes specifically of the oldest olive trees, located near the Natural Park Sierras Subbéticas.

In addition to an olive highest quality, time is the key in this process. All our fruit is selected by choosing the healthiest and healthy olives to proceed to their grinding, clean and without leaves or branches, within two hours after collection and always by cold extraction at temperatures below 20 ° C making time shakes very short. This is the time where our oils are born concentrating all its aromas and nuances from volatile elements.

They are subjected to two cleaning processes by centrifugation, separating liquids from solids. To ensure excellence in the result, once this process we make tastings of each game, selecting and ranking the best storing them in stainless steel tanks for storage and subsequent packaging in our mill Subbética.



LivesOlives Why is it also an olive oil Extra Virgin solidarity?

Simply collaborate with your purchase with 1 € / Liter of LivesOlives to enhance the HANDBIKE,

a sport adapted cycling inclusive.


 LivesOlives  es Virgen Extra SolidarioAlfonso and HandBike .. 
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